About Us

Our Mission

We help our students show their best selves by simplifying and supporting the full college application process. Our college prep tutors are energetic, encouraging teachers who guide and support students each step of the way. We keep our students on task and ahead of the curve, while lowering stress levels, and broadening their college opportunities.

Our Services

We provide expert college admissions tutoring to students along the Connecticut shoreline. Our admissions tutors hold a trio of successful traits in order to best improve your student’s college application experience: Master’s degrees in teaching, experience in the classroom as full-time certified teachers, and a high level of college admissions knowledge. Visit our Services page to learn more, or contact us to see how we can support your child’s future!

Luke oversees our essay writing and test preparation.

Luke oversees our essay writing and test preparation.

Our Team

A successful college application requires expert writing skills and an ability to navigate through complicated processes. Because of this, our tutors maintain active Connecticut 7-12 English teaching certifications. Our teaching background allows us to break down the complex application process into manageable steps, and our experience as English teachers and college admission experts helps us provide your student with unmatched feedback on their many writing portions.

Alicia guides our students through the full college application process.

Alicia guides our students through the full college application process.

Luke Albertson is cofounder of Madison Tutoring and Madison College Prep. Before moving to the shoreline, Luke taught senior English at Somers High School, wrote proposals for Department of Defense contractors, and served as a marketing and communications specialist for Central Connecticut State University. He currently oversees the college application process and, as a professional writer, provides feedback on all college and scholarship essays.

Luke is a lover of the English language. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Literacy and a Master of Arts in Teaching, and has guided students through the full college prep process. Luke enjoys working with outbound high schoolers because of the fulfillment that comes from laying a foundation and then watching as students independently apply the skills they’ve gained over the past four years to secure a spot in a competitive, best-fit school.

Alicia Simoes is a certified secondary education English teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. Alicia earned her BA in English Literature with a Minor in Communications from Western New England University and her MS in Secondary Education from Bridgeport University. Alicia has taught English at Bullard Havens, West Haven, and Somers high schools. She is also an experienced ESL and Intervention tutor as well as a trained Common Core specialist. Alicia has prepared students for higher education over much of her career through SAT, college essay, and scholarship preparation, as well as in working with students from start to finish on hundreds of college applications.

Education is Alicia’s passion. Aside from teaching and college prep work, Alicia is a trained mentor teacher, an active LGBTQ advocate, and an aspiring artist.

Our Methods

Our tutoring practices vary to meet the needs of our individual students, but we will always…

  1. Create a personalized and ongoing College Admissions Plan with short and long-term goals based on student, parents, and tutor feedback
  2. Communicate our student’s progress with you personally
  3. Provide quality college admissions tutoring through current and best practices to create a successful college planning experience

Our History

Madison College Prep, LLC was founded by English teachers Luke Albertson and Alicia Simoes in the fall of 2016. After Luke opened Madison Tutoring and saw students overwhelmed by the college application process, he convinced Alicia to come down, and together, they opened Madison College Prep. The two now help students find and prepare for their top choice colleges.