Application Preparation

When you register with Madison College Prep, we pair you with a college admissions professional who is a certified teacher with years of experience breaking down the college process. Your student will have 24/7 email, phone and text support for any and all questions in order to alleviate stress and ensure a successful application experience.

Selecting Schools

Through conversations and questionnaires, we help students compile a comprehensive list of schools based on transcripts, personality, and future aspirations. Our admissions officers use the latest college data to offer insights into an otherwise abstract process. We factor in colleges’ returns on investment and general costs to create a personalized list of schools for your child to choose from. From here, we determine whether your student should apply early or regular decision, and we begin scheduling campus visits and preparing for interviews.

Creating a Cohesive Narrative

We help students determine a unique story to present to colleges through essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews. Many college admissions firms use a “cut and paste your strengths” approach to filling out applications, but having an established narrative helps colleges see students as well-rounded individuals with unique skill sets and aspirations. Our essay writing process and theme-based approach is described here, and you’re more than welcome to contact us to learn more.

Managing the Process

The Common App can be complicated, and some schools on your list will likely have their own application. We’ll keep the process organized and on task through shared spreadsheets and calendars. By having a dedicated college professional who helps clarify and streamline the process, our students often remark that our sessions are “therapeutic” and that they experience reduced stress when they press the send button long before the deadline.