College Essay Writing

The college essay offers students a chance to reveal their personality, and yet it is often the most intimidating part of the college application process. We work with students through all parts of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to revising and submitting. We’ll work through as many drafts and edits as necessary to make sure our students come across as individuals with unique stories and passions—students who will not only be successful on campus, but who have the potential to broaden campus perspectives.

Developing a Theme

We begin our writing process by identifying a theme that students will introduce and develop throughout their personal narrative. We steer students away from common themes such as a sports-based realization that hard work pays off. Instead we encourage students to think about what makes them unique, how their passions have shaped their outlook on life, and how they will seek to change some aspect of the world. Some themes relate to potential majors, such as the excitement that a student feels as she uses chemistry to help pull back the curtain on life’s apparent magic. Others may explore an event that shaped them, such as the feeling of independence that comes from land ownership.

Revealing Personality

We help students weave their personality throughout the narrative so colleges can see a well-rounded student with a voice and personality that leap off the page. College essay topics serve as frameworks that provide students with an opportunity to present a more fuller picture of themselves, and we help students communicate this perspective in written form. We can help reveal students’ intellectual curiosity, commitment to scientific understanding, or fascination with, for example, what makes YouTube videos go viral.

Editing with Professional Writers

Our cofounder Luke Albertson oversees the writing process and has experience as a professional writer, high school senior English teacher, and college prep professional and English tutor for Madison Tutoring and Madison College Prep. He has edited hundreds of college essays and helped students enter some of the most prestigious colleges. In a past career, Luke worked as a proposal writer, securing grants of up to $120,000,000 by making his clients’ personalities and professionality shine through. Our writers similarly know how to showcase a student’s best traits while providing a narrative that both captivates the reader and leaves a lasting impression of a unique and desirable collegiate candidate.

We’re happy to help with any and all college essays, supplementals, and even scholarship applications. Contact us today to learn more!