Interview Prep

Reducing Stress

Colleges often encourage students to interview with an admissions officer or alumnus. Many students have not interviewed before, and for those who have, the experience can be stressful. We take the anxiety and unknown out of the college interview process by providing sample questions, composing responses, and providing practice interviews and detailed feedback until students become familiar and comfortable with the process.

Practicing for Perfection

Our mock interviews offer students a chance to practice their responses in a realistic setting. We help build their confidence by working out any kinks in their performance and provide evaluative feedback on both content and presentation. Students can then revise and re-answer questions before they meet for the formal interview. This way, students are less likely to experience surprises and more likely to be comfortable and confident with this intensely personal dialogue.

Learning Etiquette

From discussing dress code to deciding whether and when to follow up, we work through all the particulars of the interview process. We practice anything that may be unfamiliar to the student, such as greeting the committee or asking an insightful question, and help your teen become a prizefighting interviewee.