Resume Writing

Impressing Admissions Officers

Not every college requires a resume, but providing one offers many ways to stand out in the application process:

   • For recommendation letter writers, it ensures a concrete, specific, and personal letter
   • For interviewers, resumes can impress the committee before they ask the first question
   • For admissions officers, an attached resume shows that you’re not only a student, but a budding professional

It often takes a third party to help categorize your accomplishments and suggest which ones to showcase and which to leave out. We help with this sorting process so that your best qualities leap off the page.

Organizing Your Accomplishments

Our admissions experts help identify, organize, and prioritize the many events and achievements of a student’s high school career. A generation ago, the well-rounded applicant was desired, one who played a varsity sport, involved herself in school and community clubs, and succeeded in AP courses. Then colleges switched to valuing the student with depth, one who completely invested himself in one or two areas rather than spread himself thin among a variety of activities. Today, admissions officers prefer either type of applicant, so long as the student shows educational and extracurricular talent, passion, and impact. Through conversations, drafts, and detailed feedback and revisions, we help students decide how to best present themselves to their selected colleges.

Improving Your Story

A resume offers students the opportunity to tell their story over the past four years. We help move resumes from a basic list of accomplishments to a thorough explanation of what a student has explored, accomplished, and most importantly, learned. Helping stock the shelves of a clothing store is something to include, but a more impressive resume discusses what the student learned about the variable mark-up costs in the retail industry, or how he or she gained an understanding of seasonal fluctuations. We talk students through their work and educational experiences until we have a well-crafted resume that best highlights their specific accomplishments while still remaining truthful.

Not sure what to put down on a resume, or which sections to include? Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the process of writing a winning resume.