SAT / ACT Prep

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Expert Test Prep

The College Board recently overhauled the SAT and made significant changes to the ACT. Our tutors have extensive experience working with the new tests and will walk your student step-by-step through strategies for improved performance. After assessing a student’s test-taking abilities and subject-specific areas of strength and weakness via a diagnostic test (see a sample report linked here), we outline a clear set of goals and expected outcomes that are communicated with both parent and child. We then re-assess throughout our sessions to see how your child is progressing.

Teaching to the Student

Each student comes with a unique set of skills and knowledge. We meet with our students one-on-one so we can focus on the skills they need most. If a student understands how to use semicolons and colons, we’ll spend our time reviewing how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem. Already know how to use commas? Great, we’ll focus on identifying character traits. Our tutors are certified teachers and experts in their subject area. This allows us to create custom lessons best suited for the individual student.

Conquering the Unknown

A student’s anxiety often decreases as they review for the test, learn its intricacies, and develop the knowledge and strategies needed for improving their score. We take the complicated SAT and ACT tests and break them down into easily learnable skills. Reading comprehension, for example, can be intimidating to students until we walk them through a step-by-step approach to finding a main idea, or give them a concrete list of “signposts” that indicate an area that the test creators will likely ask about. For sections such as ACT Science, where timing is often an issue, we demonstrate appropriate pacing and offer strategies for skimming through large data sets to identify pertinent information. By taking the ambiguity out of these high-stakes tests, we are able to create students who approach the test with a newfound confidence and ability.

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