Scholarship Writing

Secure college funding by working with our writers to develop award-winning scholarship essays. We work closely with students to identify relevant scholarships and craft standout essays and applications to help pay for school.

Identifying Scholarships

Those $1,000 scholarships can add up to substantial sums, but applying for them takes time. We help students prioritize their applications and appropriately divide their time and effort. National scholarships typically offer larger packages, while local scholarships may be smaller but have better odds. We conduct an intensive search, finding scholarships that best fit the student’s pursued major, interests, experiences, race/ethnicity, and location, while factoring in the student’s chances for success and the scholarship’s amount of aid. We compile all of this data in a shared spreadsheet and then get to work filling out the applications, requesting letters of recommendation, and drafting essays.

Outlining Essays and Applications

Scholarship essays come in many different styles, from the personal narrative to the persuasive essay. Our writers identify the most effective response format and help outline an essay that addresses the prompt while showcasing how the student uniquely meets, for example, the scholarship’s desire for community mindedness, intellectual and athletic abilities, or potential to be a political game-changer. We help students tell an engaging story that positions them for some of the nation’s top aid packages.

Writing Winning Essays

The most authentic essays often come when we help students outline a response and then send them off to independently compose a first draft. We then offer detailed feedback, providing line-by-line edits and suggestions for improvements on any developing areas. We work with students until they have an essay and application that offers them the best chance to secure scholarship funds.

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