Overheard at Madison College Prep

“You make this therapeutic!”

“I’m very excited for the future.”

“She got into seven of her eight schools. And we’re still waiting to hear from the eighth. THANK YOU!!! I really do credit this to your help.”

“Look at that 35 for ACT math :D!”

“I’m not sure I could survive without this spreadsheet.”

Praise for Luke

“I can’t thank you enough! You have set out a path of positive energy and outlook and Myra has clearly responded. I even got a thank you :)”

– Danielle, Mother of Hopkins student

“Luke must be the hardest working tutor out there. Even after he finished working with my graduating son, I continued receiving messages from him with relevant information on managing AD/HD, promoting study skills, and complimentary offers to review my son’s resume and cover letter. His energy and commitment to my child’s education was second-to-none. You simply cannot find a better tutor than Luke Albertson.”

– Tricia, Mother of Long-Time Tutee

“One of our assignments for my Intro to Education class was to write an essay on what a good teacher is and to give an example from past teachers. I couldn’t help but think back to Senior English with you because that truly was one of my favorite classes through high school. Throughout my essay I mentioned how each and every morning you made me feel involved and wanting to participate in class whether it was through popcorn reading, setting up the desks in different ways so everyone was involved, or having us act out a portion of the text we were reading. Along with this, I talked about how your eccentric and bright personality and attitude towards teaching us really uplifted the mood in the class making me, and I’m sure others, enjoy the class. You portrayed as a teacher to us what it is like to be a passionate, personable, and caring person and this helped many of us make a fairly easy transition from high school to college.”

– Mike C, Endicott College Student

“Every time Max comes into the car, he always says

  1. Wow, Luke makes this so easy.
  2. I really need him.
  3. He should teach at Hand.

Every single time.”

– Margaret, Mother of DHHS student

Praise for Alicia

“Alicia helped Jack on his college application and preparation needs, and it was reassuring to say the least. She quickly understood his needs and helped him capture his voice in a clear, concise manner, while allowing his assets to shine. Alicia was prompt, professional and knowledgeable with the many intricacies of college planning and always knew exactly what the colleges were looking for. During this worrisome time in our lives, her support, guidance, and expertise were priceless for our family.”

– Sherri Y, Mother of Long-Term Student

“I got into USCGA!!! My parents are pumped, and so am I. You kept everything organized, and I can’t thank you enough for the ACT and essay writing help. “

– YeJun L, Guilford High School student

“Mrs. Simoes’ approach to teaching and the college prep process is by far one of the most caring and supportive of any teacher I have had throughout high school. She engages her students and makes you want to learn. Without having her as a teacher, I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared for College English as I am now.”

– Samantha B, Somers High School student